Ashen Crown

Elven/Dhakanni Artifact


In pieces currently. There has been much strife concerning the crown and the forces locked in conflict to try and collect all the pieces first. So far it is known that the Blood of Vol,the Aurem, and Ursus Lord of Karlakton are collecting pieces.

The Ashen Crown is a relic, created by the ancient elves, then taken by the

Dhakaani during the wars that drove the elves back to Aerenal. As crafted by the elves, the Liryana’tani (Crown of Remembrance) was used to return great warriors to life, and to maintain a connection to the ancient heroes of Xen’drik. When the Crown was claimed by the Dhakaani, goblin mages subtly reshaped its power to create Arkantaash. As the Ashen Crown, the artifact reflected the goblins’ reverence for ancestors and history.
Although the Crown retains a connection to both races, it prefers neither. The Ashen Crown played a big part in turning back the forces of Xoriat during the age of monsters. Currently the Ashen Crown is split in five pieces and is being fought over by three parties. The Blood of Vol, the Aurem and (covertly) Ursus Lord of Karrlakton. It has recently been revealed that Lady Vol desires the Ashen Crown and two other artifacts in order to return herself to the world of the living. It is unknown why the Aurem wants the crown but due to their nature it can safely be assumed that it has something to do with acquiring wealth and dominion. Ursus’s motives for pursuing the crown are entirely unknown, but some think that he is adhering to the prophecy of Eberron which the crown is a part of. Ursus is in fact working with the Aurem in order to gather the pieces, however he wants them for himself.

The first piece of the crown was found randomly by a pirate named Mira Rockface and given to Ursus as a reward for services rendered. She had no idea how valuable it was. The cord and the circlet both were found by a house Canith mage tasked with finding the items by the blood of vol. He was set upon by Aizargs and brutalized to within an inch of his life. At the last moment he he surrendered, begged for his life, and agreed to relinquish both items if Ursus, Aizargs and Deidra shut down a wayward house Canith forge. After successfully shutting down the forge (with great difficulty) the trio arrived in Lyrenton which came under siege by an udead horde. Ursus managed to get the promised reward from the mage, but he found out later that they were fakes.

The fourth piece known as the solitaire was found in the Shadow Marshes on the corpse of a hostile elven mage. The fifth and final piece was located in the blade desert and has yet to be sought. Ursus managed to recover both the circlet and the cord from the blood of vol and currently has possession of 3 pieces.

Ashen Crown

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