The Demonspawn and the Child of Man

The Journey So Far
Hello, This is Brad. I ended up with the task of chronicling our characters progression through the campaign. I think I will take the official title of PAGE MASTER, in all caps just like that. I am writing this for the purposes of not only documentation but also for anyone who may have missed a session or forgot something important that occurred. I have decided that I will separate everything into three acts, heroic, paragon, and finally epic. However, I will start with paragon because that is where we are now, and there are players who weren’t present for heroic tier. You punks are damn lucky I care enough to do this. Bow before me.

Act two: Burn after skill challenge

After a brief discussion concerning the political future of Karnath, the newly raised Lord of Karlakton Ursus Kon departed with the rest of his party which includes Aizargs the warforged guardian, the human veteran cleric, and blank the eladrin wizard. The party was tasked with finding the culprit in a homicide committed against the blankity blank blank’s daughter by Kaius King of Karnaath as a favor to blank. The party then went forth and did their utmost to essentially become detectives in a very small amount of time. Actually it was more like the avengers suddenly putting on fedoras and thinking they could solve capers without their fists. The investigation started off with the heroes returning to the scene of the crime. The (insert diplomat)’s daughter


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